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We love helping people achieve their career goals.

We are experienced in the design and delivery of practical, relevant and cost effective career development programs for small to medium sized businesses, government and semi government agencies, not for profit organisations and the tertiary education sector.

Our tried and tested career development approach has helped organizations as well as professionals deliver best-in-class career development initiatives with significant results.

Our career development & leadership development coaching is designed for either underperforming employees who need some additional help to get their performance back on track, or help companys to identify high potential individuals who display leadership qualities and need to recieve a development planning to reach their potential.

Our mission is to help busy executives like you advance their careers, track their goals and stay visible.

The unique connection between BlueSteps and AESC helps you gain visibility to over 9,000 executive search professionals in more than 75 countries who are members of AESC. AESC members use the BlueSteps database as an additional resource in their candidate and source identification process.

You may be interested in BlueSteps, the executive career management service of the Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants (AESC). Learn more at BlueSteps



  • HOW?


In Nicholson International, we can help you establish a best-practice career development program that will help your organization achieve its talent and business objectives.

We believe in a simple and practical approach to career development: drive internal mobility and self-directed career development. We believe that companies benefit from providing individuals with visible career development opportunities and mobility within the organization to fill roles that are best suited for them. In turn, we believe that the best career development activities are self-directed, whereby individuals use the framework, resources, and opportunities provided by the organization to develop themselves in line with organizational goals and needs.

Providing constructive career development opportunities to employees is one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve the following benefits for your organization´s workforce program:

  • Retain and Engage Top Talent
  • Boost Engagement and Productivity
  • Strengthen the Succession Pipeline
  • Generate Knowledge Transfer and Retention
  • Create Positive Employer Branding
  • Drive Self-Directed Career Development



Career Development Coaching unlocks an executive’s potential to maximize his or her professional performance and achieve desired goals. Our customized approach helps clients to learn and develop in a way that works best for them, rather than “teaching” a pre-packaged curriculum.

If you’re stuck in a job going nowhere, being overlooked for promotion, getting lots of interviews but no job offers, a graduate starting out in your career, or simply not sure what your next career move should be, we can help you get your career on track.

Work one on one with a qualified & experienced career development specialist to help you gain control of your career. We can help you:

  • Develop a greater level of self-awareness in relation to your work preferences, skills, motivation, values and career interests.
  • Develop a career action plan including making decisions about career goals and developing strategies to achieve those goals.
  • Identifying skill gaps and opportunities for development,
  • Developing effective communication skills,
  • Networking and influencing skills,
  • Effective self-management strategies.



After an initial meeting, client and Consultant determine together the most appropriate program for the participant. This program does not offer pre-packaged or "canned" recommendations, instead, we focus on each client’s specific needs and expectations before making recommendations.

With every individual executive engagement, clients receive the benefit of confidential, one-on-one consulting sessions with a Senior Consultant. Our process also includes:

  • Comprehensive assessments that define the client’s behavioral style, management approach, professional strengths, personal preferences, and ideal work environment
  • Understand how to take control of your own career development in your current roles and build resilience during periods of workplace change and transition
  • Explore ways that clients can build ability to get results for themself and for their organisation.
  • Develop their understanding of their impact on others and offer strategies to build profile where appropriate
  • Assist clients gain a greater awareness of others’ preferred leadership, management and communication styles
  • Develop short and longer term development goals including identifying specific skills requiring further development
  • Plan action steps to achieve those goals
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support between sessions
  • Access to a career expert who will provide constructive feedback – and act as sounding board, professional advisor, and career advocate
  • Alignment of professional activities and plans with organizational goals
  • Clear definitions of career priorities, values and needs – and the introduction of mechanisms to consistently meet those criteria
  • Accountability for performance, and for keeping career commitments over a sustained period

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