TUSIAD`s Message For 8 March International Women`s Day

TUSIAD: “We must ensure gender equality for a powerful Turkey in 21st century.”

A country whose people are incurred to discrimination and inequality due to the gender differences, gets weaker internally and it prevents the healthy life of the states, societies, families and the individuals.

We believe that the equality of men and women in rights, freedoms, access to opportunities and representation is fundamental. This is a subject of democracy, social welfare and national honor.

We must ensure gender equality for a powerful Turkey in 21st century. Gender equality is an indispensable fact of democracy, inclusive growth and sustainable development. Gender equality which is clearly described by international organizations and law doesn’t differ according to cultural, geographical, religious factors. The well accepted facts of the world are obvious and don’t leave any room for doubt.

The law concerning violence to women should be consummately implemented.

To prevent women from incurring to ongoing violence in our century, is an important area of struggle for our country as well as the rest of the world. 

We must ensure the principles and regulations about equality in the current laws are reflected in real life. For this purpose, it is of utmost importance to make efforts continuously for the effective implementation of policies and actions.

“We can’t fly to the future with only one wing.”

We believe that a Turkey where more women are in decision making and we ensure the women’s equal participation in all areas of life, particularly in education, business life and politics, will be a country more compromising, more democratic and more developed.

We must be able to integrate equally the power of women and men into life.

Because as we always emphasize, “We can’t fly to the future with only one wing”. 


TUSIAD has carried out many organizations and activities related to the gender mainstreaming and cooperated with various institutions and organizations for this purpose. Focused projects in the period of 2017-2019 are as follows:

• Support to “Business World is Against to Domestic Violence Project” which is initiated by Sabancı University Corporate Management Forum on preventing the violence against women since 2015; 

• Dissemination of our guide of “Gender Equality in Communication” with Advertisers Association, Advertising Foundation, Turkey Association of Public Relations, Communication Consulting Companies Association and Corporate Communicator Association;

• The works on our “Gender Equality in TV Series” project with the participation of Scenarist- (senarist-bir), Actors , Advertisers Association, Association of Television and Film Makers and directors;

• Report and advocacy works with the cooperation of TUSIAD, ACEV and PwC on dissemination of corporate childcare and education services within the context of harmonizing the business and family life.


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