20 Years of Internet Giants

The story of the incorporation of the internet giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and many others, became notorious after their irrepressible rising and playing a part in our lives throughout last 20 years. We utilize from these internet giants in our daily life and business life when we search, shop, communicate, learn etc. Therefore it is an inevitable consequence asking how they have become such giant companies, where they were established first, what was the main motivation of these genius entrepreneurs.

These billion-dollar companies have affected our lives and also changed our daily habits. We started preferring online shopping to retail stores; online communication to face to face communication; searching for basic information on search engines to getting lost in a library. Because the services provided by these internet giants made the human lives easier, quicker and more practical. After all, the main questions hitting the lights in the minds show up: What is their story? How did become such internet giants affecting even our habits? What is the background of these success stories?

Let us consider Google which created a new dimension to accessibility of information and Apple which gives us a chance to carry the whole world in our hands. Both these internet giants were established at their founders’ house garages in early 2000’s. The aim of their foundation was to make a difference in today’s world. Thanks to their founders’ innovative perspective, faiths in success, cooperating with hardworking, creative and open minded colleagues like themselves; they have become the billion-dollar web properties over time.

The milestones that gave a chance to these giants to transform the world into a social planet, beyond any doubt, are:

  • Limitless imagination
  • Passion for making difference
  • Belief in dynamic innovations
  • Discovering what is needed
  • Not giving up
  • Struggling against difficulties

Entrepreneurs must know that who has these features, will always be successful in their ventures. People always tend not to believe in new things because of the conservative attitude of society. But the history showed us that people can be fit in a colored box, they can communicate with their relatives from thousand miles away by clicking one button is possible in twenty years.

The improvement in technology and internet will never end with the people who have the features listed above. Thus, maybe it will be possible to carry our houses and cars in our suitcases by nanotechnology, transportation with capsules, using internet supported with artificial intelligence in following twenty years.

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