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Human Resources Consulting

Nicholson International HR solutions are always commercially focused and help clients to meet short and long term business objectives, increase revenues and reduce costs. We offer robust, tailor-made solutions based on a thorough knowledge of the market and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. These have included:

Organisational Needs Assessment
Management Assessment
Assessment and Development Centres

Assessment Centres

Nicholson International is experienced in developing Assessment and Development Centres to guide clients in effectively evaluating employees' and/or candidates' managerial and/or leadership abilities. We believe this approach provide a realistic idea of how candidates for particular roles would behave in a range of work situations.

We can identify the technical and/or personal qualifications required for certain roles and determine individuals’ suitability. We can also help to build detailed career development plans for individuals based on objective observation and evaluation. We tailor our approach to each client, because we know that competencies differ between organisations.

Assessment and development tools include competency-based interviews, leaderless group discussions, in-tray exercises, role-play sessions, and business case studies.

Organisational Needs Assessment

Nicholson International will analyse and diagnose your company’s people requirements and propose appropriate organisational structures that align with your business objectives.

We typically begin by defining your business’s strategic direction and objectives and gaining a thorough understanding of the corporate competencies required to achieve these goals.

We then look at your existing organisational structures, going beyond documented role definitions and analysing formal and informal job descriptions, relationships, internal networks, and motivational aspects. Our consultants will evaluate your people’s existing competencies and tease out the internal and external factors influencing organisational behaviour. We will identify the processes at work within your organisation, such as networking, informal mentoring, communication, and sources of power and conflict.

Once we understand how your organisation works, we will suggest where and how to make people-related changes and improvements.

Management Assessment

Nicholson International will evaluate your people as individuals or as a team with respect to your business goals and role competencies.

We typically begin by gaining a thorough definition and understanding of the competencies, skills and personal qualities required for each job.

Using our own well-established interview techniques, our extensively experienced consultants will evaluate your people, outline their existing interaction patterns and working relationships, and identify formal and informal team structures. We will also highlight key internal and external factors that affect motivation and performance.

This process – conducted according to agreed-upon principles of confidentiality and integrity – will provide insight into your organisation’s people needs.


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